Alive and Well

Hello World Wide Internets!
Did you miss me??
If you're friends with me on Facebook
or follow me in Instagram
then you probably wish I gave you a chance to miss me.

But seriously, this has got to be a new record for me.
It's been about 4 months since I blogged last.
That's pretty unbelievable
especially when I've got a tiny baby.
I usually like to try to post every month
with updates on the little babe
(which is more for me than for anyone else).
But I've really screwed up this time.

Let's just say that having 3 kids is fun
but it's also exhausting
and it takes every bit of energy that I have.

But I'm starting to ramble now... as always.

Here's what we've been up to the last 4 months...

Shower sprung a leak. Water leaking through kitchen ceiling.
Kitchen ceiling torn OUT (part of it anyway) and shower REPLACED!
Home ownership at its finest.

Sewer line CLOGGED. Downstairs toilet FLOODS!
Sewer line CLEARED. Toilet FIXED.
(It seems that plumbing issues were all the rage at our house in February).

Started working out again. Hoping to do a half marathon in the fall.

Brandon came home with pet mice for the kids. I sent them back 7 days later.

Collette turned 5 (what!?) and I, of course, forgot to blog about it.

My hair is now long enough for a ponytail... holla!

Took the kids to the zoo. They were not too impressed.
Took them again yesterday. They were mucho impressed.

Went hiking with my in-laws.
Went hiking again.
We really like hiking so I'm sure we'll be doing that ALL SUMMER!

Got rid of our dining room table to make more room for
playing and
Now we pic-nic it up every day for dinner.
It's a party errday at the Whitten's!

Been trying to get Lilianna on a bit of a napping schedule.
I'm failing miserably.
Any advice is MORE than welcome.

Lily decided that she doesn't like baby food.
She very much likes big people food.
(I'm thinking I'm going to have to do a whole post
about Lily, one about Emmett, and one about Collette).

Okay, okay,
so there hasn't really been THAT much going on,
aside from the plumbing issues that were HORRIBLE!

Now prepare yourself for a picture palooza.

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