Lilianna Carol Update

I have been HORRIBLE about posting each month about Lilianna
(or really posting at all as of late).
These last few months have been absolutely crazy for me.

Lilianna is now about 4 1/2 months old.
It's hard to believe that much time has past
and I'm STILL not feeling totally confident in my mothering.
I'll get there with time!

Lily had her 4 month check up last week.
She is about 13.2 pounds
so she weighs about as much as Emmett and Collette did
at 6-7 weeks old.
She's just always been a dainty little thing
(except for when she was born at 8 pounds 10 ounces).

She is finally starting to actually enjoy life.
She is super smiley
and occasionally we can get her to giggle.
She loves her big brother
and big sister
and Daddy,
but Mommy is her favorite...
probably because I'm the one who feeds her.

She has found her hands
and sucks on them ALL THE TIME.

She also has started grabbing onto her feet.

She hates tummy time
which is probably why she STILL is not rolling.
But, she is trying to scoot when she is on her tummy
so that's something. 

She was sleeping pretty well
but has started waking up a few times a night again.
I'm ready to sleep again.
I feel like I'm just kind of permanently exhausted.

Lily has found her voice and shrieks all the time!
She also does this growl that is HILARIOUS!

She likes her swing
and is finally started to hold onto toys.
She likes to sit in the bumbo,
especially in front of our bedroom mirror.
She likes being held up in the air like she's flying.

She loves it when we pretend to eat her feet.

She is ALWAYS kicking those little legs!
I have a feeling when she finally does start moving more
she'll never stop!

She holds up her head like a champ.

She is finally in size 2 diapers
She is just breaking into her 3-6 month size clothes!

And now the typical
that accompanies these posts.
Sorry for the lack of order.
These are pictures of 
from 3 months-now
since I realized I didn't even do a 3 month post either!

We sure love our Lilianna Carol!
I'm so happy that she joined our family!

'til next time,


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