The Best Hot Chocolate Everrrr

Okay, so that title MIGHT be overstating a little.
I guess it just depends on how much hot chocolate
 you actually consume each winter.

Moving on...

So this morning,
our house was freezing.
It was a whoppin' fifty degrees outside.
(which, ya know, isn't technically freezing,
but you get where I'm going with this...)
I'm not okay with cold weather.

But then,
I got the brilliant idea that I would make some hot chocolate.
(Yes, I'm the type of person to drink hot chocolate
in September...)
So I ran to the pantry and searched
for our little tin of instant hot chocolate.
After looking for a few minutes,
I discovered that we were out.
Day ruined.
I knew we had some chocolate syrup in the fridge,
but if you ask me
chocolate syrup hot chocolate
is much different than normal hot chocolate.

So I started messing with ingredients,
hoping to create my own little masterpiece.
I mixed cocoa powder
and sugar together.
And mixed it with some hot milk.
But it just didn't taste right.

So I turned to my good friend Google
and googled
"homemade hot chocolate."
I found this recipe and it is BOMB!

3 1/2 cups sugar
2 1/4 cups cocoa powder
1 tablespoon salt

Mix it all together and VOILA!
You have your very own hot chocolate mix.
Put a few spoonfuls (or a lot, if you're like me)
into some hot milk
(I personally recommend whole milk,
but those who don't have a 1-year-old might not always have some on hand
so you can go the boring fat-free route as well)
and badda-bing badda-boom,
you got yourself some pretty FINE hot chocolate.

Plus, this makes a TON of powder,
so I'm pretty sure we're set for the winter.
And on another wonderful note,
I am pretty sure it's cheaper than the store-bought crap,
especially since I add about 2 cups of powder
for every one cup of milk...
exaggerate much, Ashley?

So drink yourself into a hot-chocolate-induced coma this winter!

'til next time...


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