Lilianna Carol Update

I have been HORRIBLE about posting each month about Lilianna
(or really posting at all as of late).
These last few months have been absolutely crazy for me.

Lilianna is now about 4 1/2 months old.
It's hard to believe that much time has past
and I'm STILL not feeling totally confident in my mothering.
I'll get there with time!

Lily had her 4 month check up last week.
She is about 13.2 pounds
so she weighs about as much as Emmett and Collette did
at 6-7 weeks old.
She's just always been a dainty little thing
(except for when she was born at 8 pounds 10 ounces).

She is finally starting to actually enjoy life.
She is super smiley
and occasionally we can get her to giggle.
She loves her big brother
and big sister
and Daddy,
but Mommy is her favorite...
probably because I'm the one who feeds her.

She has found her hands
and sucks on them ALL THE TIME.

She also has started grabbing onto her feet.

She hates tummy time
which is probably why she STILL is not rolling.
But, she is trying to scoot when she is on her tummy
so that's something. 

She was sleeping pretty well
but has started waking up a few times a night again.
I'm ready to sleep again.
I feel like I'm just kind of permanently exhausted.

Lily has found her voice and shrieks all the time!
She also does this growl that is HILARIOUS!

She likes her swing
and is finally started to hold onto toys.
She likes to sit in the bumbo,
especially in front of our bedroom mirror.
She likes being held up in the air like she's flying.

She loves it when we pretend to eat her feet.

She is ALWAYS kicking those little legs!
I have a feeling when she finally does start moving more
she'll never stop!

She holds up her head like a champ.

She is finally in size 2 diapers
She is just breaking into her 3-6 month size clothes!

And now the typical
that accompanies these posts.
Sorry for the lack of order.
These are pictures of 
from 3 months-now
since I realized I didn't even do a 3 month post either!

We sure love our Lilianna Carol!
I'm so happy that she joined our family!

'til next time,



2016 in Review

I know, I know,
it's only the 27th of December
and this year isn't really over yet.
But I am just SO READY for this year to be over.
I thought maybe if I wrote this post now
the last 4 days of the year would just
magically disappear
and we could have a fresh start.
Ridiculous, I know,
but worth a shot.

2016 has brought with it
a whole lot of awful.
Of course,
there's been some awesome too,
but it feels like it's mostly been awful.

So here you have it,
the Whitten Family 2016 Year in Review!

2016 started out with a BANG 
(in a good way)
when I found out that I was pregnant with baby #3!

Our dryer broke,
our van door broke (again),
we got a ton of medical bills,
we found out that Collette had
vesicoureteral reflux
and would have to have surgery.

On a more positive note,
Collette turned 4!
What a joy she is!

Thankfully, March was fairly uneventful.
The main thing that happened that month
was that we scheduled Collette's surgery
for June.

We started out April on a high note
with a nice family hike up to Table Rock.

We ended it on a low note
with our whole family catching a stomach bug
and puking for a day.
I was also 20 weeks pregnant at the time,
so it took me a full week to feel normal again.

In May we finally announced to the world
that I was expecting.
We could have found out the gender of the baby
in April, but we decided to be surprised this time around.

The weather was warming up,
so we spent a ton of time outside.

We ended May with Collette's dance recital.
It was so fun to see our little girl perform!
She loved it too!
The perfect end to an fairly easy-going month!

I was also called as the first counselor in the 
Primary Presidency in our ward.
I was nervous and excited for the new adventure!

June was expected to be a difficult month,
since Collette's surgery was scheduled for late June.
June turned out to be the WORST month of my life
because my husband and my brother
and were missing for a couple days.
Not only was that an extremely difficult couple of days,
but even after they were found safe,
I think I had a mild case of PTSD or something.

Collette took swimming lessons 
for the week before her surgery.
She enjoyed it a lot and always asks 
when she can do it again!

The week after my husband got lost in the woods, 
Collette had her surgery.
The surgery went well,
but recovery proved to be sucky -
for Collette and for us.
Collette was a trooper though.
We are so proud of that girl!

July started with us celebrating Independence Day
with family and friends.
Shortly after,
my brother left for his mission to Frankfurt, Germany.
My older brother, Ryan,
left to teach English in Japan later in the month.
It was hard to see them both leave, for sure.

Also in July, Brandon's whole family was in town.
It was the first time since I joined the family
(I think even before)
that every single family member was present.
That was so exciting!
We took advantage of that and got some cute
family pictures,
even though they would prove to be out of date
in only 8 short weeks with the arrival
of our newest little one. :)

Our little Emmett man turned 2 in August!
It was so sad to realize that he was no longer a tiny baby!
He has always been such a delight to have in our family
and I just couldn't believe that he was already 2!!!

At the end of the month,
Brandon started school again with a whopping
12 credits!
That, combined with 40 hours of work each week
and 16 hours of internships each week,
made his time at home scarce.
Normally that would have been hard,
but since I was due any day with our third child,
it seemed like survival would be impossible.

September turned me in to a grumpy pregnant lady.
Thankfully, that was short-lived,
as our Lilianna Carol made her appearance
only 3 days overdue.
To read her birth story, click here.

And then we went into survival mode.
No longer did I worry about showering before 3pm.
No longer did I worry about keeping up on the laundry
or on the dishes
or on really any cleaning.
No longer did I make sure to bathe the kids each week
or make sure they got dressed every day.
I'm pretty sure that there were days and nights that passed
where none of us even brushed our teeth.
Adjusting to 3 kids was a challenge.
But I'm happy to say that we're doing much better now!

One of the things that made it much harder
was our family doctor giving me a hard time
about Lilianna's weight gain.
He wanted me to start supplementing with formula,
despite my desire to continue only to breastfeed.

We switched the kids to a pediatrician
and have left that family doctor completely.
Thankfully, our pediatrician has worked with me better
and I have been able to breastfeed without supplementing!

Which leads me to the next "highlight" of September...
I got mastitis.
That might not seem like a big deal,
but just wait and you'll see why that's memorable.

It's hard to remember October because,
again, I was in survival mode.
I recovered well from having Lilianna
and was able to resume my responsibilities at church.

I got mastitis for the SECOND time,
which was something I was not horribly thrilled about.

Emmett caught a nasty stomach bug 
and spent a few days puking.

And we ended the month with a bladder infection for Collette
(the first one since her surgery),
as well as some Halloween Trick-or-Treating for us all.

We started November with Lilianna's Blessing day.
It was such a wonderful day
and I'm so grateful to everyone who was able to attend!

Later, we celebrated Thanksgiving with our families.

And then, I got mastitis AGAIN!
Are you seeing why the first time was so memorable now??

By December I had FINALLY knocked out that stupid Mastitis.
Of course, now that I say that,
I'll wake up tomorrow with it again.
*knock on wood*

December was filled with finishing the semester
and getting ready for Christmas.

Lilianna turned 3 months old
which is just RIDICULOUS
and should not happen.

An old friend of mine gave me their old oven
(it's a double oven and I LOVE IT)
which was a HUGE help to us,
since we've been needing to replace ours for months now.

I got a bladder infection which took 3 weeks
and 2 medications to get rid of.
Hopefully it's gone now.

We celebrated Christmas with both of our families.
Christmas night sometime,
Brandon's Laptop was stolen out of our van.
Not exactly the best way to end Christmas.

And then, today,
Emmett and Brandon are sick
(Emmett is puking and Brandon feels like he's going to)
and I'm just here praying that nobody else catches it!

I know this wasn't the most exciting post ever.
But I think it did help me
to balance out the good and the bad that happened this year.
After writing this post,
I'm realizing that there really was a lot of good
(or at least, a lot of things that weren't bad)
things that happened this year.
We spent a ton of time with family members
which is probably one of the highlights to the year
and we welcomed a darling new baby into our family
(definitely the biggest highlight).

Here's to 2017!
I hope that it is less stressful than 2016! :)

'til next time,